Why Dogs Need Playtime

Dogs are a lot like humans, aren’t they? Just like humans, dogs need playtime. Of course, playtime for dogs is a bit different than playtime for kids and adults, but, never-the-less, a chance to engage in activities for enjoyment and recreation rather than for a serious or practical purpose is vitally important. If you want… Read more »

How to Prepare Your Puppy for a Spa Day

When dogs are young, their first time being groomed is a totally new experience for them. The older they get, the more times they will have been groomed and the more familiar they’ll be with their “spa day.” Do you have a puppy who has yet to visit a groomer for their first “spa day?”… Read more »

Myths About Owning Big Dogs

Some people are cat people. Some people are dog people. Some people can’t have pets or don’t like them. If you’re reading this, you probably like dogs, and we do too. Here at Tailwaggers Country Inn, we take in all sorts of dogs— all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. A lot of people have small dogs–… Read more »

What Do Cats Need to Be Healthy?

What do indoor cats need to be healthy and happy? Good Litter Box For starters, they should have good litter available to them at all times. This means the litter should be cleaned/scooped daily so they’re not having a hard time finding a clean and clear place to poop in peace. Litter boxes need to… Read more »

How to Give Your Dog the Care He or She Deserves

In a perfect world, every dog owner would take great care of their pet dog(s). Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have a dog or you’ll get one, and either way, you sincerely want to be the kind of person who takes great care of your beloved pet. That’s good; here are some basics… Read more »

Why Dogs Love Treats

If you had to eat nothing but “healthy foods” all day, every day, you’d probably feel like you were missing out on life’s great pleasures– treats. Most people, if they’re being honest, love some ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and/or candy bars once in a while. Those treats definitely “mix it up a bit” so we’re… Read more »

How to Make Your Dog Happy

One thing most dog owners have in common is this: they want to make sure their dogs are happy. And why not? A happy dog just makes sense. No one wants to see a “down-in-the-dumps” dog– that’s depressing! What are some of the ways you can make your dog happy? Well, dogs are a lot… Read more »

How Dogs Can Improve Your Quality of Life

According to a study of 3.4 million people, owning a dog is linked to a longer life. Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden followed the health records of 3.4 million people who had no history of cardiovascular disease back in 2001. Then they kept track of their health for the next 12 years and whether… Read more »

Recent Trends for Dog Names

Tailwaggers Country Inn is your pet dog’s vacation destination. Yes, even dogs could use a vacation, sometimes, especially if the house is rowdy, right? That said, Tailwaggers of Texas sees a lot of different dogs come through its doors and they all have names. Some are more common names like Max, while others are a… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

As the calendar passed from 2017 to 2018, it’s time for new year’s resolutions, right? What are some resolutions dog owners can make? Resolutions to Consider Well, almost everyone decides they’re going to eat healthier and exercise more, and that can go for dogs, too! Better yet, it should be a resolution for both dog… Read more »