Why Dogs Love Treats

Dog Treats If you had to eat nothing but “healthy foods” all day, every day, you’d probably feel like you were missing out on life’s great pleasures– treats. Most people, if they’re being honest, love some ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and/or candy bars once in a while. Those treats definitely “mix it up a bit” so we’re not eating the same dull foods daily. Treats are meant to be a once in a while thing– too many treats and we’ll get sluggish and tired.

Now if people love treats, you can bet that dogs do, too. After all, dogs and people are a lot alike. Why do dogs love treats?

Reasons Dogs Love Treats

For starters, they like the taste and smell of treats. It’s something different than the norm. Most treats involve “savory” ingredients that dogs like– protein-rich stuff that has a scent dogs pick up on instantly. From beef to chicken and lamb to fish, treats for dogs essentially taste good to them.

Did you know treats have some nutritional value? Unlike human treats, for the most part, dog treats are actually pretty good nutritionally, with vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, they help fill the dog’s stomach, make ‘em feel full, and ultimately benefit their health and well-being– nice!

Also, dogs enjoy treats because they can be fun to eat. Give your dog jerky, pig ears or chews and it gives them something to chew on for hours. Even though they want to gulp it all down quickly, treats like those take time to finish, giving the dog a challenge. Some dogs like to work for treats– doing tricks for you or whatever. Indeed, certain dog treats have a way of keeping our pets happy and occupied for several hours, and that’s a good thing. Traditional dog food is “just there” and “easy to eat,” so it’s not as much fun.

Finally, treats aren’t always available. Perhaps that’s the number one reason dogs love and want them– and, hence, why they’re called treats!

Just like people, dogs enjoy treats once in a while. Don’t give them chocolate though– while a small amount will probably cause vomiting or diarrhea, larger amounts can cause muscle tremors, seizures, internal bleeding or a heart attack. Ideally, stick with “dog treats” for dogs.

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