Doggy Daycare in Dallas TX

They Come Back for More

We have many pooches that have been in our daycare program on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule for several years, and they love to meet up with their friends and enjoy a full day of exercise and socialization. Plus, a nutritious, well-balanced lunch is served. Situated atop 34 beautiful country acres, Tailwaggers Country Inn offers a safe environment and exciting day filled with a “tailwagging” good time!

 Daycare Transportation

We provide convenient optional transportation to and from Tailwaggers Country Inn daycare program. It’s a fun ride for your doggie and easy on you.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

Pick-ups: from 7-10 AM

Drop-offs from 5-8 PM

All the Right Reasons to Send Your Dog to Daycare

Our playful daycare guestsOur “furbabies” are just that; members of the family. So, we as pet parents want the best for them. Daycare offers wonderful socialization, which is a very important part of raising an emotionally healthy dog. What is unfamiliar to a dog can become fearful, and who wants their pooch to fear other dogs? They are pack animals by nature and love to be with their own kind. Once they’ve become socialized, it is most joyful!

Americans lead such busy lives that often “Rover” has to be left home alone, and that can cause some behavior issues due to boredom; such as chewing things that damage items in the yard and home. We have clients who send their babies to daycare every other day during the week to tire them out, so that they just relax and sleep on the other weekdays when left home alone. Daycare is the perfect solution when you are having work done at the house, getting carpets cleaned, showing your house to sell, having company over, or giving a party at home.

We highly recommend giving your pooch a day at Tailwaggers daycare program before boarding for the first time, so that your friend can get acquainted with the staff and our facility.

Shots Required for Daycare

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Daycare Rates

*Not offered during major holidays

Single Day Rates

$35 - per day without transportation

$60 - per day with transportation

Prepaid with Transportation

$250 - 5 day package

$500 - 10 day package

- 20 day package

Prepaid with Transportation

$150 - 5 day package - 5 day package

$300 - 10 day package - 10 day package