What to Bring

Tailwaggers Country Inn is a full service, all inclusive pet resort. We supply everything your pet will need for a wonderful vacation, including beds, bedding, water and food bowls, all natural, grain-free, high performance food locally made by Muenster Milling. In addition to updated vaccination records and any prescription diets and medications, all you need is your furry friend!

For safety reasons, we also like to remove your pet’s collar and give it back to you at drop off. We will replace your collar with one of our temporary collars while they are boarding with us.

Vaccination Records

Prior to their stay, it is very important that your dog is up to date on the required vaccinations:

  • Bordatella (must be given within the last 6 months of stay)
  • Distemper/Parvo (given annually)
  • Rabies (given annually or every 3 years)

If for any reason, your pet cannot receive the vaccinations required for boarding, we ask that your vet send us a note exempting them from the vaccinations mentioned.

Food and Medications

If your dog is on a prescription diet or has a sensitive stomach, you can send your own food proportioned out in individual baggies per meal with instructions on how often and when each meal is to be given. We ask that you do not send large containers or bags of food for your pet’s stay.

Medications can be sent in the original container with specific instructions on dosage and times of day to be given.

What Not to Bring

We provide orthopedic elevated dog beds, toys, blankets, and food and water bowls for each of our guests. We ask that you do not send any belongings that you feel absolutely must return upon your dog’s departure.

Tailwaggers Country Inn is not liable for any lost, chewed, or damaged belongings while your pet is boarding.