How to Make Your Dog Happy

Making Dogs Happy One thing most dog owners have in common is this: they want to make sure their dogs are happy. And why not? A happy dog just makes sense. No one wants to see a “down-in-the-dumps” dog– that’s depressing!

What are some of the ways you can make your dog happy? Well, dogs are a lot like people. They really are. Sometimes it just takes doing a little something new and/or extra for them to ensure they perk up and feel good.

Take, for instance, toys. Kids love toys. Some adults love toys. And dogs love toys. Nevertheless, what if your dog has been playing with the same toy for YEARS? Sure, it might be his or her favorite, but here’s a tip: mix it up a bit. Rotate some different toys into your dog’s daily life. Rather than let your dog get bored with the “same old toy,” introduce him/her to a couple new/different toys now and then. Same goes for their “treats.” Try ones with different flavors and textures. See which ones make your dog the happiest.

Next, take your dog for a walk, often. Dogs need the mental stimulation of seeing and hearing different things. Plus, it’s good exercise for you both. How much is too much? Well, almost all dog’s would like to be walked MORE, so in this case, the happiest dogs take the most walks.

Show you care for your dog by getting him/her some training. Dogs actually like learning rules and boundaries (more so than humans perhaps!) and it’s good for their mental well-being. Furthermore, teach your dog tricks. They’ll enjoy spending time with you and interacting with you. Again, it’s good mental stimulation for the dog to learn new things.

Did you know trainers notice the biggest problem with dogs that won’t follow rules is inconsistency? Sometimes owners say one thing and mean another. Sometimes they confuse their dogs. Take, for example, when one person “yells” at the dog for doing something they are normally allowed to do. How’s the dog supposed to feel? Happy dogs have consistent rules and boundaries.

Finally, take good care of your pet. Give them baths. Groom them. Play with them. Moreover, talk lovingly to them. The more love you show your pet dog, the happier he/she will be.

At Tailwaggers Country Inn, your dog will be treated well. We love to make dogs feel happy at Tailwaggers.