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Things to Know Before Sending Your Dog to a Pet Resort Vacation

Dogs at a Pet Resort Vacation

What are some key things to think about before you send your dog to a pet resort vacation at a place like Tailwaggers Country Inn?  Limited or Full Service Some resorts have limited service while others are “full service, all inclusive,” like Tailwaggers. What does that mean? Well, full service, all inclusive means everything is… Read more »

Taking Your Dog to a Professional Groomer Versus Trying to Do It Yourself

Professional Dog Groomers

“What happened to your dog?” These are words you never want to hear about your precious pet. Yet those words have been said before, when asking about the way a dog looks after a well-meaning dog owner decided to groom him or her in their own “do-it-yourself” way… What are some of the advantages of… Read more »

Tips for Making Your Pet Feel Loved When You’re Out of Town

Preparing Your Dog for Time Away

If you’re a dog owner and you have to go away from home for some time, you often feel guilty leaving your pet behind. Sometimes your dog stays put, in your home, and neighbors, friends or relatives come check on him or her daily. Other times you take your dog to a place like Tailwaggers… Read more »

Why Dogs Love Treats

Dog Treats

If you had to eat nothing but “healthy foods” all day, every day, you’d probably feel like you were missing out on life’s great pleasures– treats. Most people, if they’re being honest, love some ice cream, chocolate, cookies, and/or candy bars once in a while. Those treats definitely “mix it up a bit” so we’re… Read more »