Tips for Making Your Pet Feel Loved When You’re Out of Town

Preparing Your Dog for Time Away If you’re a dog owner and you have to go away from home for some time, you often feel guilty leaving your pet behind. Sometimes your dog stays put, in your home, and neighbors, friends or relatives come check on him or her daily. Other times you take your dog to a place like Tailwaggers Country Inn, which is essentially a hotel for dogs where they receive loving care from caring staffers. One thing’s for sure: both you and your dog miss each other when you’re not together. What are some tips for making your pet dog feel loved when you’re out of town?

Prepare Your Pet for Time Away

First, prepare your dog for the time when you’ll be away. Practice leaving your dog a few times for a few hours for a few days in a row. When you do this, don’t show the dog you’re nervous or anxious about the separation. Just go, and then come back eventually. Both you and your dog will be happy to be reunited, while you’ve done the “practice” of being away for short periods before you’ll actually be away for a longer period.

Try to Gain Familiarity

If you’re going to take your dog to a sitter’s house or “dog hotel” (like Tailwaggers), you and your dog should visit there together (several days before your big trip) and just hang out as a “preview” for the dog. Meanwhile, you should show your dog the positives of the place and its people, so your dog seemingly can understand that you’re okay with the situation so he or she should be, too. If there are other dogs there, let yours smell them so they become acquainted. Also, bring special treats with you to the “new” place and give them to your dog. Then, bring home something that smells of their soon-to-be sitter, such as a shirt or sock, so your dog will stay familiar with their scent.

A Reminder of Home

In a related idea, when you go away from your dog for some time, leave something that smells like you that’s readily accessible to your dog– a strongly scented pillow or piece of clothing, for example, to remind your dog of you while you’re gone.

Exercise For Your Dog

While you’re away from your dog, make sure whomever is taking care of your beloved pet is ensuring he or she is getting lots of exercise. Just like exercise makes people feel better, it’s great for dogs, too.

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