Why Dogs Need Playtime

Dogs and Playtime Dogs are a lot like humans, aren’t they? Just like humans, dogs need playtime. Of course, playtime for dogs is a bit different than playtime for kids and adults, but, never-the-less, a chance to engage in activities for enjoyment and recreation rather than for a serious or practical purpose is vitally important.

If you want your dog to develop a healthy, loving personality, playtime is paramount! Playtime helps a dog relieve their stress. It helps elevate their overall mood. And it engages their mind and body in a positive way.

What are some of the key ways playtime helps improve a dog’s health?

Physical Health Benefits

For starters, there’s their physical health. If a dog doesn’t move around, he or she doesn’t lubricate their joints, improve their balance and coordination, and lose weight… instead he or she becomes like a lump on a log– lethargic, chubby, and “blah.” Want to keep your dog’s heart healthy? Playtime is great for his or her physical health.

Mental Health Benefits

Next, there’s your dog’s mental health. Imagine you had a pet dog but never paid him or her any attention whatsoever. How do you think “man’s best friend” would feel? If you guessed, “sad,” you’re right! Playtime is a good time to get your dog’s brain working– they love attention from humans, and they love challenges. Dogs play games in which they have to figure things out using their brains. If someone throws them a ball, they have to decide to go get it… and then bring it back, hopefully, right? Playtime keeps a dog’s mind both sharp and focused.

Social Interactions

Besides physical and mental health benefits, playtime is good for dogs to develop their social skills– they learn how to interact with other pets and humans. Dogs enjoy socializing and bonding.

Finally, playtime is good for the people who watch the dogs at play. It helps humans shake off the stress of the day, as they forget their troubles and engage with their pet or pets.

Tailwaggers Country Inn Prioritizes Playtime

At Tailwaggers Country Inn, we make sure dogs have plenty of supervised playtime, so if you need a quality place to board your dog, call Tailwaggers at 877-774-DOGS.