How to Prepare Your Puppy for a Spa Day

Getting a Puppy Ready for the GroomerWhen dogs are young, their first time being groomed is a totally new experience for them. The older they get, the more times they will have been groomed and the more familiar they’ll be with their “spa day.”

Do you have a puppy who has yet to visit a groomer for their first “spa day?” Then this article will help you prepare them for that…

Get Them Used to Human Interaction

First things first– start handling your puppy as much as possible so they get used to the touch of human hands and hands-on interaction. Touch everything on your puppy– from the nose to the tail, as well as paws, ears and even their teeth. Be gentle and show them love while doing this by offering them kind words and yummy treats. By the way, it’s a good idea to have other humans handle your puppy too, so they get used to “strangers” touching them. If you can be near them when this happens, it helps them know that the “stranger” is “okay.” Ideally, you want your puppy to become very relaxed while being touched all over by human hands.

Use a Towel

Next, get a towel and rub your puppy with it. You can mimic the things that a groomer would do, like wiping their eyes and ears. If you have a blow dryer, turn it on away from the puppy so they hear the sound. Gradually introduce your puppy to cool blowing air from the blow dryer, streaming it along their back at first. If possible, try brushing, rubbing, scratching, and tickling your dog while the blow dryer is “on” them. Make it fun!

Normalize Brushing

Thirdly, get your puppy used to being brushed by a comb and/or brush. You can do this once a day so it becomes “normal” for them. Start out using the back of the comb or brush at first, so they get used to being stroked, and then introduce the bristled side.

Utilize an Empty Tub

Finally, if you have a tub, place your puppy in the tub while it’s dry. Add some treats in there so they don’t mind being “contained” for a little bit. Eventually turn on the warm water, going slow and gauging how they react. Massage your puppy if they’re scared. Whether or not they like the water, finish that experience in a positive way, offering kind words and a treat.

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