How to Give Your Dog the Care He or She Deserves

Caring For Your PetIn a perfect world, every dog owner would take great care of their pet dog(s). Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have a dog or you’ll get one, and either way, you sincerely want to be the kind of person who takes great care of your beloved pet. That’s good; here are some basics to help you clarify your mental list of what it takes to be a great caretaker…

The Right Shelter

First, you’ll want to make sure the place you keep your dog is clean and protected. That means your dog has shelter from storms and isn’t living in filth. Your dog needs to be kept somewhere where other animals won’t bother him or her. The living quarters should be safe, secure and habitable.

Clean Water and the Right Snacks

Next, and this is paramount, your dog always needs clean water available. Just like humans, dogs get thirsty and need water to live. You don’t want a dehydrated dog. As for food, make sure your dog gets a quality diet and doesn’t become obese. Healthy treats are better than table scraps. Just like you’d watch your intake/weight, keep tabs on your dog’s, too.

Easy-to-Follow Commands

With dogs, it’s good to train them with simple commands. Ideally, you’ll want to develop a relationship with your dog and communicate with him or her often. Furthermore, playful interaction is important to your dog’s social well-being, and it’s always good to provide opportunities for your dog to exercise. If you live near a dog park, utilize it.

Grooming and Vet Sessions

Make sure your dog gets examined by a vet on a regular basis.

Finally, it’s a good idea for regular grooming sessions, which can help with their hair, nails and teeth. Your dog can benefit from a bath and massage, complete with skin and coat conditioner. Ears can be cleaned, nails clipped and filed, teeth brushed, and, even though it sounds funny, anal glands can be expressed. Best to have a professional do that one, right?!

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