What Do Cats Need to Be Healthy?

What do indoor cats need to be healthy and happy?

Good Litter Box

For starters, they should have good litter available to them at all times. This means the litter should be cleaned/scooped daily so they’re not having a hard time finding a clean and clear place to poop in peace. Litter boxes need to be in places where the cat can access them easily, and at all times. Litter texture needs to appeal to your cat. Of course, owners need to change the litter as needed. Just like you’d flush a toilet and clean the bowl every once in a while for yourself, good litter box hygiene is a must for your cat.

Quality Nutrition

Next, cats need good quality food which delivers nutrients to their bodies. Depending on their age, cat food comes in varieties formulated for kittens, adults and seniors, so choose the most appropriate food available.

Help Them Have Fun

Since indoor cats don’t get the joy of exploring the outdoors, consider growing some cat grass indoors for them to enjoy as a special treat.  Meanwhile, play with your cat, giving them at least 10 minutes of your undivided attention daily. Cats love toys, which can enrich their environment. Anything with catnip is great!

Did you know that cats have the innate desire to scratch, even if they’ve been declawed? Therefore, you should make sure your cat has a scratching post somewhere in the house.

Give Cats a “Getaway”

Sometimes cats want to “get away from it all” — kind of like their owners, right? So anytime you can provide places of refuge/sanctuary for them, do so. Maybe use boxes, beds, or even cat carriers for your cat to “escape to,” getting away from kids, other pets, noise, etc.

Cats love to look out windows, so make it possible for them to do that. Cats enjoy visual stimulation– they’ll be enraptured by scenes of nature outside your house– watching birds, squirrels, humans, etc. Provide your cat with a perch to sit on and enjoy their observations.

Show Them Love

Finally, if you want a healthy and happy cat, you need to show them love. Snuggle them, talk to them, and admire them.

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