Many Benefits to Doggy Daycare

Plenty of pups don’t love staying home alone all day while you’re at work. They can feel lonely and neglected, and they get tired of taking naps! Boredom can lead to aggression, which can be expressed in chewing damage to your home and belongings, and ultimately, an unhappy pup and owner. That’s why doggy daycare can be great for your dog, whether you’re looking for daytime care while you’re at the office or for an extended stay at a pet resort while you’re out of town.

Doggy DaycareA pet resort can be a lifesaver when you need to leave on an extended trip but need a home for your pet, but lots of people have mixed emotions about dog boarding – can’t you just have a neighbor look in on your dog while you’re away? We’ve already discussed some of the advantages of pet boarding over pet sitters, but in case you need a refresher, at the Tailwaggers Country Inn, your dog will get specialized attention, medical care – if needed – and tons of fun and exercise. Your pup will also get a balanced diet, and we can also accommodate special dietary needs if your pup has a strict diet. That kind of service just can’t be compared to having your neighbor let the dog out and refill his bowl, and we can handle your needs whether it’s a one-time need or you’re looking for daily dog daycare.

Bringing your pup to Tailwaggers Country Inn is also a great option for pets that have separation anxiety. At a dog daycare, there will be plenty of other pets and people for your dog to socialize safely with and tons of activity going on that will distract your dog from the fact that you’re not there.

Dogs that require daily medications can also benefit from the trained and talented staff at a dog daycare like Tailwaggers Country Inn. We can make sure your furry friend gets his or her needed dosages to keep them in peak health.

Dog daycare is also a great option for families who are out of the house all day long and want to give their pup some extra attention. At Tailwaggers Country Inn, we can even pick your dog up in the morning for you and drop them off at the end of the day – it’s like sending your pup off to a day at school! Plus, dog daycare also offers your pup a great chance to practice his or her socialization skills under the watchful eye of the daycare staff, helping make introductions to other dogs at the park or a family get-together all the more friendly and fun.

If you’re ready to give dog daycare a shot for your pup, learn more about our dog daycare services online now or call us at 877-774-DOGS and chat with us today.