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June is Pet Microchipping Month

It can be horrible when pets get out and run away from home. To prepare for this, pet owners typically make sure that their cat or dog wears an identification collar or tags in the hope that when someone finds them, they will be contacted. The problem with those is that they can slip off or get caught while the pet is running away, leaving no trace of who the owners is if your pet is found by someone else.

Pet MicrochippingOne good way to make sure you are able to reconnect with your pet if they get out is to get them microchipped. This increasingly popular option allows veterinary offices to easily identify an owner with a quick scan. All you have to do is register the chip with up-to-date information, including your address and phone number, and it is added to a nationwide system to that can be accessed by animal control professionals if your pet is brought in as a lost animal.

Whether you’ve never heard about microchips before or if you’ve known about them for a while and have been waiting to act on it, June is National Pet Microchipping Month, so what better time to get it done than now?

Microchipping allows you to have a definitive way to identify your pet if they get away, and through many microchipping networks, you can send alerts to local veterinarians and animal shelters in the area where your pet was lost, notes Petfinder. This gives you a way to proactively notify local animal welfare agencies and individuals that if they see a pet matching the description of yours, that checking the microchip may confirm that it is your pet, helping to reunite you and your four-legged friend sooner.

We hope you never have to deal with the stress and heartache of losing your pet, and if you bring your pet for a stay at our pet resort while you go out of town, you can rest easy knowing that your dog or cat is in good hands. We love your pets as much as our own, and will make sure that they are well cared for and watched over while at Tailwaggers Country Inn. To learn more about cat and dog boarding options with us or to schedule a stay for your pet, call us today at 877-774-DOGS.

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