Are You Ready to Add a Puppy to Your Family?

With more families staying home due to the pandemic, they have thought about welcoming new puppies into their homes. Although puppies are incredibly cute, sometimes that’s not always the best reason for bringing one into your home. 

To help determine if you’re ready to care for a new puppy, ask yourself the following questions:

Adding a Puppy to Your Family

Can You Afford a Dog? 

Whether you’re adopting your pup or purchasing one from a breeder, basic dog expenses can cost thousands of dollars. Toys, food, and grooming can all add up each month. Before adopting a dog, you should be in a position where you feel financially secure spending these additional expenses on top of your personal ones.

You are also encouraged to set money aside for any emergency medical expenses. Vet bills can be costly, especially if it’s an unplanned visit.

Does Your Lifestyle Accommodate a Dog?

Yes, you may be home more often now, but sooner or later, our lives will begin to shift back to how they were before the pandemic. If you travel often, have a strenuous job, or your apartment in the city has a strict no-pet policy, you should not welcome a dog into your home.

Your social life is another big factor that you need to consider before adopting a dog. Do you like going out with your coworkers after a long day? Or are you actively dating? Really consider if you’re willing to sacrifice your time. If there are any hesitations, odds are you’re not ready. 

Is Your Home Safe for Your Dog? 

Dogs are very curious, so they will want to get to know every inch of your home. Before bringing your new puppy home, you’re going to want to pet-proof your house. This means blocking off certain rooms of your house that could be dangerous for your pet, hiding any wires or cables, removing plants that may be toxic if consumed, and more. 

If you rent your home, you must ask your landlord for permission before considering getting a dog. You will also want to consider the size of the dog that you’re looking at. Will they be able to fit comfortably in your home? Is there enough room for them to run and play? 

Do You Have a Vet and Trainer Close By? 

During this preparation time, you should also do some research to find a vet and a trainer close to you that you can bring your dog within the first few weeks of bringing them home. New puppies require a lot of attention and constant training, so consider registering your puppy for some obedience school as early as you can. This will also help them socialize too! 

Would You Consider Yourself to Be a Responsible Dog Owner? 

Dogs are a big responsibility. Taking care of a dog is more than just feeding it and giving it love and affection. It’s a lifelong commitment that requires most of your time and attention. A dog doesn’t just come to you being well behaved. They need to be trained and socialized almost immediately to help them develop healthy behaviors. 

Do You Have Any Limitations That Might Make It Difficult to Care for a Dog? 

If you have a chronic health condition or you’re healing from an injury, now might not be the time to bring a home a pet, especially an energetic dog. You may also want to consider if anyone in your household has any allergies to dog hair and fur. Dog allergies are very common, and the severity of symptoms can range. If symptoms are serious enough, this could result in you giving up your pet.

Once you have taken the time to answer all these questions, you should hopefully be able to decide whether or not you’re prepared to welcome a dog home. If you need assistance with caring for your pet during the day or while you’re away on vacation, don’t forget to contact Tailwaggers Country Inn.

We have 34 lush acres of beautiful countryside for your pets to run around and socialize with one another. Learn more about our boarding and daycare services through our website and give us a call at 877-774-DOGS with any questions you have!