Here’s Why Dogs Should Have Their Ears Professionally Cleaned Out

Why should you have your dog’s ears cleaned out on a regular basis? Well, if you don’t, bad things can happen…

Increase Risk for Ear Infections

A dog’s ear canals are quite susceptible to ear infections due to the way they plunge downward and then horizontally from the ear opening. If debris or water gets “caught” in their canals, it’s not easy for those things to release themselves naturally. Infections, then, can cause your dog to do ear scratching, with hair loss around the ear(s). Wiping their ears on the floor or furniture, ear infections can lead to redness and swelling. Infections can also cause odor in the ear, brown/yellow/bloody discharges, and/or a loss of balance. If you notice your dog making unusual eye movements or head shaking (such as an odd head tilt) then he or she might need to have their ears checked and cleaned.

A Vehicle for Bacteria

What gets into ears that specifically cause problems for your dog? The list includes bacteria, parasites, yeast, and wax. Dogs with floppy ears are especially prone to ear issues, as are dogs with allergies.

If you as the owner can fold your dog’s ear back gently and wipe away debris or earwax on the underside of the ear, do so. You can use a cotton ball or piece of gauze dampened with mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide or a liquid ear cleaner to clean your dog’s inner ears. “Lift” rather than “rub” when dealing with a dog’s ears. Since inner-ear skin is delicate, it might be best to take your dog to a professional when attention to the ear or ears needs to be done.

At the Tailwaggers Country Inn at 166 Hynds Ranch Road in Van Alstyne, Texas, you can bring your pet dog for a “bath and brush out” grooming service that’s just $25 for small breed dogs under 30 pounds, or $30 for large/long hair breeds. This service includes a thorough ear cleaning, as well as a bath, coat brushing, cologne and a bandana– pampering your pooch!

If you need your dog’s ears cleaned, why not call 1-877-774-DOGS and make your appointment for a “bath and brush out” today?