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Why Dogs Need Playtime


Dogs are a beloved part of the family in millions of American homes. While dogs make great companions for humans, they also need play time in order to be as healthy and happy as possible. These are a few of the reasons why dogs need playtime. Exercise Hanging around the house all day without regular exercise is not healthy for humans or dogs. Just like people need to get regular exercise in order to stay fit and healthy, dogs also need regular exercise. Playtime provides an opportunity for your canine companion to get some exercise in a fun setting. Energy Playtime provides an opportunity for your beloved pet to burn off some excess energy in a positive environment. This is important for all dogs, but especially for younger dogs and high-energy breeds. Stimulation Dogs need periodic mental stimulation in order to be as healthy and happy as possible. This stimulation also reduced the likelihood of behavior problems around the home if your pet is bored. Playtime provides the perfect opportunity for fun stimulation. Bonding Bonding is essential for both humans and dogs. One of the best ways to bond with your canine companion is through playtime. This creates a fun opportunity to interact with your pet and for your dog to be more connected to you. Training Training is essential with every pet, but it can easily become tedious and boring. Playtime is the perfect opportunity to work in some training while both you and your dog are having a good time. Tailwaggers Country Inn offers a dog resort experience for your beloved pet. Whether you need to board your pet while you are traveling, or just want to provide an opportunity for socialization, Tailwaggers Country Inn is your premier option. Don’t just drop your animal companion at a kennel. Provide them with a dog vacation instead. Contact us at 877-774-DOGS to learn more or to make a reservation for your dog.

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