Looking Great is Important for Dogs Too!

Looking Great is Important for Dogs Too!As you scroll through popular social media networks, news stories about rescued puppies with before and after pictures commonly pop up. Clicking on the link to the story, the first picture is typically a look of how the dog looked when rescuers found the poor pup – often with mangled and matted fur and sad, depressed eyes. The second picture is a complete doggie transformation, and after proper grooming and care, the dog looks healthier, happier and more vibrant.

Just like how people feel great after getting a fresh haircut or taking a long, hot shower, dogs seem happier after receiving proper grooming care and attention and look much better. That’s why Mark Imhof, recently profiled by IHeartDogs.com, provides free cuts and grooming for  shelter dogs, making them feel and look better, in turn, increasing their likelihood of adoption. When a dog looks and feels great, his or her mentality improves, making for a satisfied pup.

That’s just yet another reason to treat your pet to professional grooming services at Tailwaggers Country Inn, where our expert groomer provides special love and attention to your pooch. Our bathing and brush out services include a professional bath, ear cleaning, coat brushing and even cologne. We make sure your pet looks his absolute best, too, with the finishing touches of a bandana or bow.

After playing and running outside, your playful pup could use our Relax and Rejuvenate spa package, which includes everything from a luxury bath and massage to professional de-shedding. Your furry friend also receives complimentary daycare on the day of their package. To make the experience even more convenient, door-to-door pickup and delivery is available the Dallas area, making getting your pup to Tailwaggers Country Inn a cinch.

Our Deluxe Day Spa package is perfect for pampering your pooch. This package includes everything in our Relax and Rejuvenate package plus professional breed hair-styling customized to your request. Your dog receives the full celebrity package with individual attention and spoiling.

Transform your dog from an average pup to superstar material in a day’s time! Go the extra mile to show you love your furry friend by getting him or her professionally groomed, ensuring your pet is looking and feeling their best. To learn more or to book an appointment for your dog, call us today at 877-774-DOGS.