Going on Vacation? So Can Your Pet!

Dog Vacation Planning on taking a vacation? Before you pack your suitcase, make sure that you check your pet’s reservation at the Tailwaggers Country Inn for the ultimate vacation experience.

Your pet will enjoy our high levels of excellence and a quality of experience during their stay at our all-inclusive pet inn while you lounge in the tropical sun. On their vacation at our boarding destination, your pet will experience the complete package. With 24-hour staff care, we guarantee your furry friend’s happiness and satisfaction. During playtime and cuddle time, we shower your pet with love and affection, and during group socialization hours, your pup can mingle with the other guests and play with puppy peers.

Does your pet require medicine or need to avoid certain foods? We both administer medications and accommodate special diets to ensure your pet’s health during their stay.

Just as maids change your bed sheets daily at your hotel, we clean your pet’s bedding daily, too, offering your pet a fresh night’s sleep every night in the cleanest possible environment. Do you have a meal plan associated with your vacation package? So does your pet! Our daily balanced meals and treats give your family friend the energy to stay active and happy throughout their stay.

We offer a variety of suites and space in The Cattery so that you can book the option that best suits your pet’s needs and your budget. Our Ranch View Suites – affectionately called the “baby rooms” – is an area with a dozen 8- by-5-foot indoor suites containing all of the basic amenities. These rooms are perfect for puppies and small breed dogs.

Our Standard Suites come with the option of a covered private veranda, giving your pooch access to their own outdoor patio. The Valley View area consists of 8-by-5 suites with polished epoxy flooring, magnetic safety suite doors and plenty of space. All suites receive fresh air every 15 minutes thanks to our state-of-the-art air exchange system, and this area also offers designated play times and splash time in our in-ground pool at no extra charge.

The Lake View Standard Suite is similar to Valley View, but larger, making it perfect to cater to more active, high-energy pets or larger animals, while the Bluff View Standard Suite is perfect for pets that appreciate a beautiful, hillside view.

Lastly, give your dog the executive treatment in one of our VIP suites for a truly pampering experience. Our VIP dog boarding suites contain designer showcase ceramic tile walls, stained and polished concrete flooring, a plethora of windows for sunshine, private televisions playing “dog movies” every 24 hours, webcams for your viewing pleasure, and relaxation in the Ranch Retreat Lounge. With a choice between the Creek View VIP Suites and the Pool View Suites, your pet will vacation in style and receive a well-deserved, all-inclusive vacation.

For our feline friends, The Cattery gives cat or kitten a chance to relax, play and socialize in a safe and secure environment. With a 7-foot aquarium as a centerpiece of the space, your cat’s stay goes from average to fun and exciting. Featuring exotic fish to stalk and admire, your cat will have plenty of sights to keep him or her occupied all throughout their vacation.

The next time you plan a vacation for the family, make sure to include an extra-special trip for your pet. To discuss boarding options for your pet, contact the Tailwaggers Country Inn today by calling 877-774-DOGS.