Looking and Feeling Good: Why Grooming Is Good for Your Pet

Why groom your dog? Is there a point to it? Of course there’s a point! Humans cut their nails and hair and dogs should too! It is an essential way to maintain your dog’s health and happy disposition. No one likes dog hair everywhere, and regularly brushing your dog can cut down on dog hair running rampant throughout your home.

Dog GroomingBrushing is crucial for all kinds of dogs. Even if your dog has short hair, they probably have an undercoat to their fur. Not only does brushing remove hair from your dog’s undercoat, it also removes any dirt, dandruff and other grime. Brushing also helps to push the natural oils in your dog’s fur to the surface, giving their coat a healthy and natural shine.

Regular grooming can also help you identify whether or not your dog has any skin issues. Your grooming session will generally include a bath and brushing, during which the groomer may notice symptoms of skin irritation. This can be from a number of sources, including fleas, fleas, dry or red skin or potential infections. Knowing how your dog reacts during the grooming process can help identify if your dog is sensitive in any certain areas and can alert you to problems early on.

Nail trimming is another great benefit of dog grooming. If your dog’s nails get too long, it can lead to an infection. Long nails can also adversely affect your pooch’s stance and walk. Some canines even chew their feet if their nails get too long, sometimes even chewing on their paws instead of their nails to alleviate the problem. Making sure your dog’s nails are regularly trimmed is key to making sure your dog is happy and healthy.

Bringing your pooch to Tailwaggers Country Inn for a grooming session will have your pet happy and healthy. Our basic package is our Bath & Brush Out package which includes a cleansing bath, brushing, ear cleaning and cologne – plus a cute little bandana! We have even more comprehensive packages available, too.

Schedule a grooming appointment to have precious pooch pampered today? Call Tailwaggers Country Inn at 877-774-DOGS to learn more or to schedule your pup’s appointment!