Daycare and Your Dog: More than Just Playtime

Some people may hear “doggy daycare” and scoff, but the truth is that enrolling your pup in a daycare program offers much more than just play time for your dog. Most of us spend more than eight hours away from home during the week, tending to our job responsibilities, and then another eight hours sleeping. That doesn’t always leave a lot of time to play with your best friend and tend to their needs.

Doggy daycare can help not only ensure that your pup is in good hands when you are away from home, but also provide them with a range of other benefits. Let’s take a closer look at why you should enroll your dog in the doggy daycare program at Tailwaggers Country Inn.


Doggy DaycareWhen you go out and go to work, you probably see other people and have conversations with colleagues or customers. Unfortunately, your dog is stuck cooped up at home and probably sleeps all day. This can frustrate a dog if they don’t feel engaged, and can even lead to destructive behavior and property damage.

When you bring your dog to doggy daycare, they receive the engagement they need and are missing out on at home. Your dog will be able to run, play and socialize with other pups. He or she will get the attention and playtime they crave, plus have a chance to mingle with other dogs at the inn. This will help make sure your dog receives the exercise they need and burn off some of their energy, meaning they will be calmer and subdued when you get home. Plus, through interacting with the other dogs in our care, your pup will learn positive behaviors for being around other dogs, making them a more sociable animal.

Take Your Time

Normally after work, you need to rush home and let the dog out. When you dog stays at doggy day care, he or she will be will cared for and able to do their business whenever they need. There are no worries about coming home late and finding an accident – your pup will be cared for when they stay with us. You won’t have to stress over needing to stay late in the office to finish up a big project on deadline and the strain that can put on your dog. Our team even offers transportation options for pick up and drop off, making getting your pup to and from daycare easier than ever.


Unlike hiring a dog walker or a pet sitter, you will be bringing your pup to us. This means that you can maintain the privacy you enjoy in your home. A dog walker or pet sitter will need to go in your home to pick up your pup or stay with them when you’re not able to take care of their needs. Let your home stay your sanctuary with doggy daycare. Going out of town and need extended care beyond our daycare program? No problem! Our dog boarding options are affordable and convenient, and if your pup is already enrolled in daycare with us, they’ll already be familiar with our facilities and staff, making it stress-free for your four-legged friend.

Are you thinking about enrolling your dog in doggy day care? Making your dog a priority and keeping them entertained and exercised is crucial in keeping them happy and healthy. Learn more about doggy daycare or enroll your pup today by calling Tailwaggers Country Inn at 877-774-DOGS.