Animal Getaways Tame Crazy Behavior

happy dogAt Tail Waggers Country Inn, we believe in a little something called the American Dream. While that entails manifest destiny and living your life to the fullest, it also means that you deserve a vacation every now and again. Some time off so you can reflect on the majesty of living and actually suck in the summer air once in a while. Because hey – isn’t what summer is for? You know who also deserves a little time off – your pets – and that’s where we come in. Think of this as their version of the American Dream.

We understand that pets get stressed out too. They’re more human than most people actually think! The inherent relaxation of summer mixed with the harshness of the prior seasons can do horrible things to a pet’s sense of equilibrium. Your dog or cat gets thrown off with the changing of the seasons, kind of like how we do, but we recognize the need for human vacation more. We never really think of how our pets need a vacation, but they do, as pointed out in this article from The News Press.

Theresa George writes, “Pets are sources of our happiness, but just like humans, they need care for their health and emotional well-being.” She discusses stress in animals and cites the work of Bobby Marley, an animal intuitive behaviorist. He says, “I help pets by using energy work. This is performed by laying hands on the animal to indicate the source of the stress and release energy blockages. When we can find the stress the animal is under, often [sic] problems can be alleviated.”

That’s the thing we find most interesting: doing a little detective work and locating your pet’s stress problems. We will do the same, finding your pet’s relaxation points and making them shine. Contact us today for more details!