Fun and Experiential Games for your Dog

dog gamesTaking our dogs for walks is an old-fashioned to get them their much-needed exercise daily. Sure, dogs love going out for walks and seeing what they can get into along the way. But they also love playing as well, and as much fun as they have chasing down the same old stick or tennis ball during an exhilarating game of fetch, there are different ways to mix it up and actually teach your dog something too.



Bloodhound is a great game to get your dog some movement throughout his or her day, but also train them to find things as well. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and can use it to locate most things. So, find some type of scent that your dog will recognize, like that of his or her treats and lay a trail of it. Put a treat all the way at the end of the trail and let your dog find his or her way right to it.

If you’re more interested in teaching your dog how to sit still, then the game Statues is for you. The object of this game is to have your dog sit perfectly still while you walk around he or she in a circular fashion. Once you make it back to the original starting point, if your dog hasn’t moved a muscle then they will get a treat.

Finally, you can get your dog to listen to verbal cues and commands through the game Freeze. Start by moving or dancing around to get your dog moving with you. Once he or she is moving, toss treats out in front to keep their attention. Suddenly stop and yell freeze, and if your dog does the same as you and freezes, immediately reward him with a treat. These games will not only provide your dog with small activities to get exercise from, but they will also induce listening and good behavior.