How to Tell Your Dog is Happy

dog moodIf you have a dog, you likely think about them less as a pet and more of a member of your family who you deeply care for. Like all of our loved ones, we want our dogs to be as happy as possible. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what sort of mood your canine friend is in, let alone being able to identify whether or not they are happy. We’re here to go over a few easy signs you can look for that can indicate their level of content and satisfaction.

One of the most important ways you can tell if your dog is happy is by looking into their eyes. While this may sound corny, it’s actually a pretty useful trick. That’s because a dog’s eyes can actually change shape depending on how they are feeling. For example, if a dog is happy he or she will generally be more relaxed, causing their eyes to appear normal. If your dog’s eyes look very large or small, they may be feeling threatened and uncomfortable.

Another way to indicate a dog’s happiness is by taking a look at their eyes. It is important to understand the type of ears your dog’s breed is known for. If they are supposed to have pointy or droopy ears, that’s how they should look when happy. If a dog’s ears are unusually flat, raised, or pointed back, they may be upset, or at least a bit more curious than content.

The last indicator we’re going to talk about is a dog’s tail. In general, you can expect happy dogs to wag their tail. If it is moving in a circular motion it could mean they are even happier than normal. Keep an eye on your dog’s tail the next time you’re wondering how he or she is feeling.

Pay attention to these signs to determine when your dog is and isn’t happy, and if they aren’t find out what’s wrong to get them wagging their tails once more.