When Boarding your Pet, Cleanliness Crucial to Health

dogIf you’re hopping a flight or heading to a destination not allowing you four legged friend, you will need to board your pet. But before picking your furry friend’s temporary home, you are going to want to make sure it’s a clean and comfortable place where your pet will be happy. But this is only part of the issues you and your best friend may run into.

More important than your pets comfort while at the establishment is the cleanliness of the building. There are many diseases and problems directly transmitted from dog feces and urine. This in addition to all the bacteria your pet may expose you to as a direct result.

Depending on the age of your animal, they can easily transmit the parvovirus. This is among the most deadly viruses your pet could acquire. If untreated the mortality rate is 91%, so knowing the early signs and symptoms, such as diarrhea and lethargy, is crucial. Another, less deadly complication your pet may encounter from kennel stays is the very contagious upper respiratory infection (kennel cough).

It is extremely helpful if the boarding facility you select takes preventative measures and screens animals for contagious disease. This measure may be crucial to protecting your pet, depending on how social of a setting the individual boarder offers. Likewise, it is extremely helpful if you independently have your pet screened for anything that may put other dogs at risk.

Luckily boarding facilities have made leaps and bounds in recent years. There’s an influx of boarding establishments for your pets which are cleaner than most hotels where you stay. These offer your pet more of a hotel vacation or spa experience. But checking reviews online or implementing personal references is always the safest route to take. Objective firsthand accounts with an establishment are always the most accurate.