The Benefits of Cuddling With Your Dog

Cuddling With DogsPeople these days are so starved for touch and affection that there are people who actually charge other people to cuddle with them. Take, for instance, the company known as “The Snuggle Buddies.” You can see their site here: The charge is $80 an hour and can include cuddling, snuggling, and conversation. Dog lovers don’t have to pay $80 an hour to cuddle, though…

Cuddling with your dog is one of the best things about having a pet. Cuddling builds loyalty, respect, and the bonds between a pet and his or her owner.

Dogs are actually a lot like people– they crave attention and affection like we do! Both dogs and people need touch and bonding in order to be happy. If and when they/we don’t get that, guess what happens: stress, anxiety, depression, and other problems– not good.

Here’s where it gets scientific: studies have shown that cuddling helps boost a person’s levels of oxytocin in the blood. This is the “love hormone,” and, as you’d imagine, it makes people feel good. Furthermore, when oxytocin levels are elevated, the heart rate calms down, cortisol (stress) levels drop, and a person lowers their risk of experiencing a stroke. Cuddling also relieves depression, anxiety, sadness and even pain! It’s no wonder that dogs are often brought into nursing homes to help brighten the days of elderly and infirm people.

One of the reasons people fall in love with a particular dog is because he or she is so cute. Once they get a chance to cuddle, they feel the dog’s warmth, hear their breathing, and maybe experience a lick from their tongue. Dogs don’t talk, but they sure do communicate a lot of emotions non-verbally. Sometimes it seems like dogs are so happy that they’re smiling! There’s something very reassuring and relaxing about cuddling a happy dog. That shared love is a feeling that cannot be beat!

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