Keep Chocolate Away From Your Dog

chocolate and dogsChocolate should never be given to a dog. Most of us know this. But not all quite grasp the science behind it or what to do if on accident their dog ingests any type of chocolate.


Chocolate contains both fat and caffeine that combine to produce chemicals like methylxanthine and heobromine. These chemicals react negatively to a dog stomach and digestion system, causing a toxic reaction. This reaction can cause inflammation of your dog’s pancreas, vomiting and diarrhea. Digs that ingest a substantial amount of chocolate can suffer from seizures, abnormal heart rhythm and rarely, death.


The darker the chocolate is, the worse it is for dogs. White chocolate has the lowest amount of chemicals toxic to dogs. Dark or baking chocolate has the highest amount, and is the most dangerous for your dog. Note that plain bars of chocolate aren’t only a risk, but so are food items like chocolate covered fruit or espresso beans, chocolate cookies or cake and chocolate pudding or ice cream.


Dogs that ingest chocolate equal to the amount of one or two M&Ms will most likely not suffer from chocolate poisoning. However, if your dog eats more than that check for symptoms and be ready to get your dog treated. Symptoms include mild vomiting and diarrhea. However, severe agitation and tremors of your dog’s body can also be a sign.


If you think your dog has a mild case of chocolate poisoning, inducing vomiting can get it out of their system. Dog medications that decontaminate as well as get rid of stomach discomfort can also be given to your dog. If you think your dog has a serious case of chocolate poising, you should take them to a veterinarian for prompt and proper care.


Halloween is right around the corner and that’s means a lot of chocolate candy will be around the house. Make sure to keep your children’s candy stash somewhere you’re dog can reach or get into. Aside from the chocolate, the candy wrapper can do damage to your dog’s stomach. Keeping your dog away from all types of chocolate is the best way to make sure they never have to go through the pain and discomfort of chocolate poisoning.