How to Prepare a Dog With Separation Anxiety for a Boarding Facility

Preparing a Dog for a Boarding Facility

“But my dog hates being away from me,” says a typical pet owner. And that’s true for a lot of dogs– they’re so used to their owners that they get anxious whenever they’re not around. If you change their environment, from “home” to a “boarding facility,” that, too, can cause a dog to be anxious and somewhat uncomfortable. So what’s a dog owner to do when he or she “has” to their furry friend into a boarding facility for whatever reason?

If your dog hates being away from you, they could have what’s called separation anxiety. Maybe they were born anxious. Maybe they were taken from their own mom too soon. Or maybe they just don’t do well with a change in routine.

Separation Anxiety Signs

How can you tell if your dog has separation anxiety? He or she might do excessive barking or whining. They might be scratching walls, doors and floors. And if they’re in a crate or room and attempting to escape, that’s another indicator.

How You Can Help

In order to help your pet deal with “hating” being away from you and/or home, there are some things you can try… like leaving your dog alone (at home) for short amounts of time. Check up on your dog, but also try and increase the amount of time he or she is home alone, such that he or she gets used to being away from you. 

If and when your dog is going to a boarding facility, bring reminders of home with the dog– his/her bed, toys, food/water bowls, etc. Also, throw in an old shirt or pillowcase them smells like you– that can be comforting.

Dogs do well with exercise, socialization and “stuff to do.” It’s hard to be nervous and sad when there are other dogs around, toys to play with, and things/people to distract them. Boarding facilities should give dogs time to play outside in the fresh air with other dogs. When people play games like fetch or offer your dog chewy treats, those things help reduce anxiety. 

Tailwaggers Country Inn is the kind of boarding facility most communities wish they had– it’s an ideal place for your dog to stay when you have to go out of town for a while. If you think your dog suffers from separation anxiety, and you’re particularly nervous, the good folks at Tailwaggers can put you (and your dog) at ease. For years, we’ve been able to help people who think their dog “hates” being away from them realize that time at the boarding facility is like a resort vacation for pets– enjoyable, safe and fun! For more info, please call Tailwaggers at 877-774-DOGS.