Do Dogs Enjoy Cuddling?

Just like us, your furry friends also crave love and affection. Although you probably don’t need to be convinced to snuggle with your pet more often, you should know that cuddling affects your pet in many ways. Plus, it’s good for your health too!

Here’s why you should spend some quality time cuddling your pet:

Caring for Your Dog

Cuddling Makes Your Pet Feel More Loved and Comforted

Did you know that dogs are considered pack animals? Which means that it’s natural for them to want to bond with others. By spending time with your pet and snuggling up close with them, it will make them feel secure and loved.

Lack of affection can lead to your pet expressing strange behaviors and feelings of sadness. If your pet is acting unusual, try cuddling with them a little bit extra.

It Can Provide Extra Warmth to Your Pet

Some pets love to cuddle because it helps them keep warm. If you’ve ever seen newborn puppies, you’ll notice that they’re usually all cuddled together. That’s because they’re trying to stay warm! If you notice that your pet is trying to snuggle with you, it may be because they are trying to keep warm.

Pets Cuddle to Protect and Show Their Affection

Cuddling is one of the best ways to bond with your dog. Your pets love cuddling close so they can show their love and affection towards you. Dogs love to connect with their owners, and there has even been research to prove it!

Dogs are also natural protectors, so they love cuddling up close to you as a way to protect and keep you warm too.

Cuddling Is a Stress Reliever for Both Dogs and Their Humans

Cuddling close is a great stress reliever for you and your dog. Cuddling can increase oxytocin levels, which is also known as the “love hormone” in your body. High levels of oxytocin help us develop bonds with others and help increase our levels of trust.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Getting the Love That They Need

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