5 Things Every Pet Resort Should Provide

If you’re looking for a place to leave your pet for the day or they need to be looked after for a longer period of time, it’s important that you choose a trusted pet boarding team that offers all the amenities for a safe and comfortable stay.

From lounging and sleeping areas to spaces for exercise, play and socialization, it’s important that the pet boarding resort you choose will leave your dog happy and refreshed.

When selecting a pet boarding resort for your furry friend be sure to look for these amenities that will ensure a pleasant stay.

Dog heading to resort

Comfortable accommodations

If your pet will be staying overnight, you should ensure that their accommodations are comfortable and fit their specific needs. The space they’ll be sleeping in should be big enough for them to rest and lounge, and it should have enough space for them to walk around when they need to stretch their legs.

Clean facilities

Before booking a resort, you should read reviews online or read up on the company’s cleanliness standards.

Many pet boarders will clean puppy beds daily and will make sure that the suites and other areas are clean for your pet.

Areas for play, exercise

Dogs are extremely active animals, so they will need space to play and exercise while they are staying at a resort. There is nothing worse than paying to have your dog in comfort only to find out that they are confined to an indoor area all day.

Many pet boarders offer acres of land for your dog to frolic in and have other areas to play that include pools, ponds and more.

Time to socialize with other pets

While its great to have space for your dog to play, it wouldn’t be the same without socialization. Sometimes running around or walking outdoors just isn’t enough for your furball, they crave socialization with other dogs and pets.

These designated play times will promote better exercise, and improved socialization skills as well.

Special diet & medication requirements

If your pet requires a special diet or has medication that needs to be taken daily, it’s essential that these are properly handled. Make sure the pet boarder you choose is experienced with special diet requirements and the administering of medications.

This will give you the peace of mind you require when your away on business, vacation or for any other reason.

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