4 Tips for Socializing Your Pet During a Time of Social Distancing

Socialization is crucial for your dog, especially in its first few weeks of life. Puppies that are 8-14 weeks old should have positive socializing experiences to help shape them into confident, well-behaved dogs.

Because social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic can make it a little harder to make sure that your puppy is experiencing positive encounters, here are some tips for socializing your puppy during these times:

Tips for Socializing Your Pet

Expose Your Pup to a New Experience Around Your Home

Even if you’ve taken a break from exploring new areas in town, you can still expose your puppy to new experiences in or around your home. Try introducing them to a new room in your home. Encourage them to walk over, under, and around different things.

The purpose of this exercise is to help your puppy feel better prepared when life returns to normal!

Prepare for Veterinary & Grooming Visits

A trip to the vet or groomer is a different experience for your pet. If they’re not prepared for the visit, there are chances that they will misbehave during their appointment. Prepare your pup for these visits by re-creating the vet’s office within your home. You can practice by putting your puppy on a washer or dryer with a non-skid mat. Make sure you’re rewarding them with plenty of treats!

Plus, you’ll also want to touch your puppy’s ear, feet, back, and belly to get them used to being handled.

Take Your Puppy Outside

One of the easiest things that you can do is sit with your puppy outside. Whether you’re watching your neighbors do activities or you sit in a grocery store parking lot, your dog will be able to watch people walk around outside. Plus, spending time outdoors will also help expose your dog to different sounds and objects!

Dog Boarding Services

If you’re headed out of town, dog boarding is another great way for your dog to socialize safely with other dogs. At Tailwaggers Country Inn, your dog will be in the best hands. Once your dog enters our building, they will be under 24-hour staff care so that they can socialize safely with others.

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