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Resort Prep: What to Pack for Your Pet’s Stay

Packing For Your DogTailwaggers Country Inn is the premier pet resort for dogs of all shapes, sizes, genders and breeds. We are proud to offer stellar grooming and dog boarding services, daycare programs and fun activities that will give your pet the much-deserved escape that they have been waiting for. But, just like you pack for your vacation at a luxury resort away from home, there are a few things you should prepare before your pet visits us.

When you and your pet arrive at the Inn, follow this simple checklist of items that you should have to make the boarding process as simple as possible. Know ahead of time that we provide many of the essentials including beds, water bowls, leashes, toys, balls, treats and more as part of our dog boarding services. Since you know your dog better than anyone, we advise that you supply us with any medications your dog needs. It also helps make the medication delivery process even simpler if you separate the medication by day in individual plastic bags.

It is important both for your dog’s health and for simplifying the dog boarding services that you check your records ahead of time as well to ensure that your pooch is current on their vaccinations – DHLP, rabies, Bordetella and canine influenza shots. These injections must have been done within the past six months. Please note that you must fax or email your current shot records to us before or on the date of your boarding. Many veterinarians can also do this for you. Please note that if you are not in the position to get your Bordetella vaccination before arriving, we can administer that shot to your dog during the arrival process. The fee for that service is $20.

That is all there is to it. Just have your dog’s medications and immunization records ready and we’ll take care of the rest. You will not be disappointed, and your dog will have the time of their life at our luxurious pet resort!

Owned by a team of dedicated professionals and pet lovers, our pet resort has activities that every dog will enjoy. We’ve got 34 acres to run and play on, a pool and pond to sniff around and swim in, an exhilarating gymnasium for those bad-weather days and certified pet counselors who will ensure that your dog is provided everything they need. Simply put, we’re the finest pet resort in Texas!

To book a stay for your pup, call us today at 877-774-DOGS to select a package perfect for you and your deserving pet.

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