Your Best Bet for Your Dog's Health is Avoiding Byproducts

Healthy Dog FoodEveryone wants to feed their dog the very best food so they can have a long, healthy and happy life. But with all the different brands and types of dog food on the market it becomes a hard decision. All-organic products however can keep your pet free of unhealthy byproducts which can greatly impact their longevity.


Natural grains and proteins found in organic food can be better for your dog’s digestive system. Chemicals and artificial flavoring that makes up generic dog food can easily disagree with a dog’s stomach. Organic diets provide just the nutrients your dog needs and nothing extra, which can even help your pet lose weight. The first and main ingredient in Muenster Natural adult dog food, for example, is turkey, lamb or duck, depending on which formula you choose. The food contains ingredients from all five food groups as well as vitamin E & C. The company makes its food with 100% whole grains and no byproducts.


Nutro Brand pet food is also a good choice and, like Muenster Natural, is made with oats, barley and human-grade meats. Innova Brand dog food is also a great option. The nutrients from these ingredients can help improve skin, decrease obesity and boost your dog’s immune system. Organic food, that contains only what your dog needs, is quickly and easily absorbed into their systems helping prevent infections, illness and disease.


It’s perhaps most important to feed your dog organically because it can improve their quality and length of life. This type of diet results in fewer trips to the veterinarian and less illnesses in general that cause dogs discomfort and stress. More energy, stronger bones and a great immune system can all help your dog have the life they deserve for more years than dog that are fed more generic food made with byproducts.