The Advantages to Dry over Wet Food

Dry Dog Food When choosing the type of food to feed your dog, you could go with wet or dry. Dogs love wet food because of the more natural texture, similar to what they encounter in nature, but there are a few drawbacks to it.

Dry dog food, for starters, has a much longer shelf life than wet food. Once a can of wet food is opened, it only lasts a few days if kept correctly in a sealed container and refrigerated. Dry dog food, however, can last months without any extra measures. Most importantly, however, is your dog’s health.

Wet dog food can lead to more dental problems than dry food. Whereas dry food helps strengthen your dog’s teeth and certain brands can even help reduce bad breath, wet food has an opposite effect. Wet food doesn’t promote the same dental and gum health as dry food, due in great part to the soft, nonresistant texture.

Another reason to consider dry food is that wet food can be especially messy when your dogs eat it. If you have a puppy that is likely to knock over its food dish or even play with the food before eating, dry food is much easier to clean up than wet food, which stains and smells.

Wet food can cost more money and require more effort from you as a pet owner than purchasing and feeding your dog dry food. It can also be better for your dog’s health to purchase them dry food instead of the wet alternative. Research into the different varieties and ingredients in dry food can help you pick the right one for you and your pet.