How Daycare Can Benefit Your Dog’s Health

At Tailwaggers Country Inn, we believe that a healthy pet is a happy pet. Life can be stressful and sometimes your canine companion can take the backburner. Our doggy daycare program ensures that your pet is well exercised and cared for while you’re at work, away on business or out of town on vacation.

In our doggy daycare program, we have a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for your dog to play and get exercise during their time with us. Your dog will also have plenty of time to socialize and play with other dogs. Tailwaggers Country Inn is a safe, dog-oriented pet resort where your dog can run and play.

Doggy DaycareThere are the obvious benefits to getting your dog the right amount of exercise, though obesity is a common factor. Humans and dogs are alike in this area – with the right amount of exercise, proper weight can be more easily maintained. Exercise can also stimulate bone and muscle strength, meaning that the more your dog exercises, the more lean muscle they will develop and the stronger their bones will get. The risks associated with obesity also decrease with proper exercise, meaning that he or she will be at a reduced risk of diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease, joint inflammation and other health concerns. Plus your dog’s metabolism will increase with regular exercise.

Is your dog older? Do they have arthritis? Playtime can help with that. Movement and chemical release from exercise can help relieve pain and loosen joints. The less exercise that an arthritic dog participates in, the more pain he or she could be in.

Exercise not only benefits your dog’s physical health; it benefits your dog’s mental health as well. A dog that doesn’t have enough play time to burn off their rambunctiousness and energy can become a bored dog. In turn, this could lead to the development of undesirable traits, such as destructive behavior, excessive barking, anxiety or attention seeking. For example, your dog could start ripping apart your personal belongings while you’re away because there is nothing better for them to do.

Dogs also communicate their needs through their barks or whines. If they have a lot of energy, they can use barking as a way to get your attention. Have a dog that is restless? They probably have anxiety. Try getting them tired by taking them on a trip to the park or let them burn off some of that energy during the day with doggy day care at Tailwaggers Country Inn.

Taking your dog to daycare also helps them to socialize. Bringing your dog to play with other dogs in a neutral environment can be beneficial. If you have a high-energy breed, sometimes walking is just not enough. By letting your dog play with other dogs, they will be both socially and physically stimulated. Everyone needs friends, and our pet resort provides a convenient place for your dog to meet other dogs. They can run and play games and tire each other out. It’s less work for you and it is fun for them!

As humans, we may not be able to play with our dogs in the same way as another dog. Sometimes having another dog to play with can help stimulate your dog to exercise, develop better socialization skills and stay sharp well into their advanced years. At Tailwaggers Country Inn, we know the benefits that doggy daycare provides and want the best for your pup just the same as you. Make sure your dog stays out of trouble and gets the physical and social attention that they crave with doggy daycare at Tailwaggers Country Inn.

To learn more about our doggy daycare services or to sign up your pup to attend, give us a call today at 877-774-DOGS.