Here’s Why Your Dog Loves Going to Daycare

Dogs at Daycare

Put yourself in your dog’s shoes for a minute. Wait, dogs don’t wear shoes. Okay, then imagine you are your dog, paws and all. You live a decent, comfortable life at home with your beloved owners. But they must go to work Monday through Friday, and when they’re gone you miss them so much. Being at the house alone gets a bit lonely. What about doggy daycare?

If you want to improve the lifestyle of your dog who seems to be feeling a bit down, bored or lonely, why not bring him or her to doggy daycare at Tailwaggers Country Inn?

Socialization Value

Just like little kids go to daycare, and some senior adults, so should dogs who’d otherwise be left home alone all day.

Daycare is a place where dogs get to socialize with other dogs as well as humans who love them. At daycare, their senses get stimulated and their bodies get exercise. When it’s time for food, they get fed. And during the day there’s always someone around “just in case something goes wrong.” Imagine if your dog had a health issue– wouldn’t you feel better knowing someone who loves dogs is watching them during the day while you’re at work?

Physical Health Value

Exercise, socialization, human contact, supervised playtime, and relief from boredom are just a few good reasons to put your dog into daycare at a place like Tailwaggers Country Inn. Rather than keep your pet in a crate all day at home, have them running free with other dogs at daycare. Plus, when it’s time to poop, they’ll be able to do their business in a more proper way then going on a sheet in a crate, right?

Most dog owners would prefer to be spending time with their dogs all day if they could– dog time is usually much better than work time. But many people are forced to go to work to pay bills, and that means their dogs stay home alone, oftentimes crying, barking or howling because they just want some attention… but there’s no one around to care. Don’t leave your dog home alone all the time– get them to doggy daycare. In Van Alstyne, Texas, the place to take your dog is Tailwaggers Country Inn– find out more here. Call 877-774-DOGS for more info.