Easter and Your Pet

The Easter holidays are a special time to share with your family, eat good food and enjoy the spring weather. But when you’re having a bunch of family members come to your home for Easter dinner, there are a few things you may not have realized can be a hazard to your pet. Here are Tailwaggers Country Inn’s tips for keeping your pets safe and healthy during the Easter holiday.

Easter Dog and ChocolatesFood Dangers

The ASPCA says to skip the sweets. There’s always lots of chocolate on the dessert table at Eastertime, especially those delicious chocolate eggs. You probably already know that chocolate can be very harmful to your dog’s digestive system, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in your family knows that. If your dog is hanging with the family around the dessert table, remind them that the chocolate sweets are for human consumption only. If you have young children or little nieces and nephews running around, it never hurts to provide them with a reminder of what’s healthy for our pets.

Additionally, if you plan to leave the dessert table out while you eat, make sure your pet can’t access it. Cats will hop up onto the table and dig in if the food is left uncovered and unsupervised, and too much human food can be bad for their digestive systems, too. So make sure your pet can’t access the sweets or keep a close watch on the table while you enjoy your holiday dinner.

Anxious Kitten at EasterAnxiety

One of the biggest hazards that your pet may face when you’re hosting Easter dinner is feeling overwhelmed with all of the strangers in the house. Let’s be honest – it’s something that you might feel, as well! To avoid pet anxiety, make sure your dog or cat has a quiet place where they can retreat during the party. The ASPCA recommends that you provide them a secluded spot where they can snuggle up for a nap in peace and also find plenty of fresh water. You should also establish rules with any children early on to make sure that they leave the pets alone if they retreat to their room.
If your pet is skittish and prone to nipping at newcomers, remind your guests to let your pet approach them before they go in for a scratch behind the ears. You don’t want your pet to feel threatened, and you don’t want your guests to get hurt, either!


The Huffington Post reminds us that alcohol and caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee are toxic to animals. Symptoms can be serious, and may include vomiting, diarrhea and difficulty breathing. Remind your guests to not leave their drinks unattended, and if you’re putting out a rum punch bowl, make sure your pet can’t get to it

Easter Decorations and Your PetDecorations

Decorations are always a fun and festive part of the holidays, but if you’re stringing up Easter-colored streamers or inflating balloons for Easter Sunday, keep them away from your pet. Popped balloons or streamer strings can end up on the ground or floor where your pet might mistake it for a treat. The same is true of plastic Easter eggs that are commonly used to hide around the home and yard as part of an egg hunt. Be mindful of your decorations and your pets to make sure there’s no unwelcome surprises this Easter season.

Consider Doggy Daycare and Boarding

If you’ve tried to host a get-together with your pet before, and you end up spending the day worrying and chasing after him, it might be less stressful for both you and your pet to bring him or her to daycare at Tailwaggers Country Inn. Our daycare services for your dog or cat gives them an enjoyable day hanging out with their pup other animals so you won’t have to stress about them being a distraction or getting into trouble at your gathering.

Additionally, if you’re heading out of town to your cousin’s Easter egg hunt or spending the holiday with your family in another state, we offer short-term boarding options for your pet that includes group socialization, playtime, treats and balanced meals, clean bedding and 24-hour staff care. We can also accommodate any special medication schedule that your pet is on, so if your dog or cat has any special needs, we can make sure that they’re met.

Learn more about all of your options by calling Tailwaggers Country Inn today at 877-774-DOGS.