Why Choose Dry Dog Food Over Wet?

Dog readying to eat dry food

Whether you have recently added a dog to your family or you are considering changing your family dog’s diet, there are several reasons why you should choose dry dog food over wet.

While many dogs love wet food because of its natural texture, there are several drawbacks to it that ultimately make dry food the clear option.

From its longer shelf life to its dietary benefits, less messes created and more, dry food is the clear choice when you want your dog to be happy and healthy.

It has a longer shelf life

One of the biggest advantages of dry dog food is that it has a much longer shelf life than wet food. Once a can of wet food is opened, it can only keep for a few days, and that is even when it is sealed correctly in a container and refrigerated. Dry dog food, however, can last months without any special steps being taken.

It’s a healthier option

While wet dog food may be easy for your dog to eat, it can lead to more dental problems than dry food. Dry food helps strengthen your dog’s teeth and certain brands can even help reduce bad breath. Wet dog food on the other hand has an opposite effect, due in part to its soft, nonresistant texture.

It doesn’t create a mess

Another reason to consider dry food is that it doesn’t create a mess like wet food typically does. If you have a puppy that is likely to knock over its food dish or even play with its food before eating, dry food is much easier to clean up than wet food. Furthermore, wet food has been shown to leave behind stains and has a much stronger odor in many instances.

Due to these reasons and more, it’s clear that dry food is the ideal option when you want the very best for your dog.

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