The Importance of Socializing your Dog

Dogs playing and running together on a lush green lawn

Properly socializing your dog from an early age is among the most important aspects of being a dog owner. Socialization is essential to your dog’s happiness and will positively affect their health and longevity.

Dogs, like humans, are social by nature. The earlier and more frequently you socialize your dog, the happier his/her life will be. When your dog is extremely hyper every time they are confronted with a new experience or individual, it is rarely a reflection of happiness. Rather, it is an indication of discomfort from stress.

While there are many ways to socialize your dog through play, exercise and more, this blog will touch upon the importance of socializing your pup from the get-go.

They’ll learn how to interact with others

When you are in the process of properly socializing your pup, you will begin to notice them picking up on social queues and correct means of interaction. Taking your dog to a few obedience classes or getting them around dogs at a local park are great ways of creating and maintaining interaction with other animals and people.

They’ll be happier

Socialization is extremely important for your dog’s happiness. Since they are becoming more comfortable around other dogs and humans, they will be able to play and interact in the healthy way nature intended.

Placing your pawed friend in social situations around other dogs is the strongest, most proven way to maintain his/her social skills and happiness.

They’ll be more calm

When you socialize your dog, they will demonstrate much more calming behavior. When you invite friends over or when they greet a new dog friend at the park you’ll be impressed at how well they behave.

They won’t be jumping on their new target of affection, but confidently implementing what they’ve learned in training. Properly socializing your animal means they are more comfortable and better able to compose themselves.

When you want to have your dog more comfortable around others and happier overall, it is essential to have them properly socialized. One great way of doing this is by bringing them to a professional boarder.

At Tailwaggers Country Inn, we provide boarding and daycare services that are the perfect way to socialize your pup. They’ll have the opportunity to interact with other dogs through group socialization, playtime, cuddle time and more.

To learn about all the benefits that come from joining us for an afternoon or overnight stay, we ask that reach out at 1-877-774-DOGS today.