How to Plan a Vacation When You Have a Puppy

It’s that time of year again… the holiday season is upon us. That means a lot of people will be travelling “home” to see parents, siblings and old friends. There will be parties, dinners, and, perhaps, even some quiet times when everybody needs a nap!


How do you plan a vacation or trip when you have a puppy? 

Proper Care

Some people trust a friend, “pet-sitter,” or neighbor to look in on the puppy while they’re away. That means a person comes over for a couple minutes daily to check on the dog. That could work, but it’s not ideal. Dogs get lonely; They crave attention…

Well, you can try and take your dog with you. That entails a lot of planning. You’ll need to have the right stuff with you to handle the travel, including a place for your pet to sleep, food/water, pills, etc. You have to make sure the place you plan to stay is “dog-friendly,” allowing dogs. What’s more, wherever you go, you’ll need to either take your dog with you or ensure that someone is watching him or her somewhere safe and comfortable. Taking care of a puppy on your vacation can feel like you’re taking care of a newborn baby– it’s a lot of work!

Maybe your dog might not like travelling– that’s not good!

Professional Dog Boarding

Perhaps it’s just easier to take a vacation while leaving your puppy in the care of professionals at a place like Tailwaggers Country Inn. This is where your puppy gets treated well, by people who take care of him or her like you would– kind of like a stand in for you while you’re away for a bit!

At a place like Tailwaggers, your puppy gets the attention he or she needs. Your puppy gets to play with other dogs. Your puppy gets petted and cuddled. And, of course, your puppy’s basic needs like food and water are taken care of, too.

Located north of Dallas, in Van Alstyne, Texas, Tailwaggers Country Inn is an all-inclusive pet resort and spa! Therefore, your puppy gets to take a vacation while you take yours! Call Tailwaggers at 877-774-DOGS for more info, or visit this page.