It Means a Lot to Stay Connected


We know exactly how it feels to be separated from our furry family members while away on business or vacation! So we make this webcam service available in our VIP suites to make sure you can stay connected to your pet. And of course, this service is just part of the all inclusive experience we provide. Webcams are currently only available in our VIP suites.

Monitor Webcams

Take a Peek at Any Time


You never know when you’re going to want to check in on your pet, so our webcams are in service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whenever you’re feeing that longing to connect with your furry friend, you can have a peek from anywhere in the world via the link on this page or by using your mobile device. Just follow the instructions below to set up your computer to use the link on this page, or to set up a FREE app on your mobile phone or tablet.



Set-up Your Computer
To Use Link


Click here to view your pet


If you are using Internet Explorer, after clicking the link above, you may get a message saying that your browser has blocked the ActiveX control. If you do not, skip down to the “Log-in” section.

If you do get that message, we strongly recommend trying a different browser, or using the mobile app approach shown on the other side of this page, as it will be much easier for you. If you wish to continue connecting on this computer with Internet Explorer, follow these steps:
1) With Internet Explorer open, go to the Tools menu and then select Internet Options.
2) In the Internet options window, select the Security Tab and click on the Trusted Sites icon.
3) With the Trusted Sites icon selected, click on the Sites button.
4) On the following screen, uncheck (turn off) the option titled Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone.
5) Now, where it says ‘Add this website to the zone’, type out the address of your DVR system (WAN-IP and LOCAL-IP) and press ADD.
6) You should see the DVR’s address listed under ‘websites’. Click on close.
7) Click on the Default Level button in the section titled ‘Security level for this zone’, and drag the option slider down to the level marked LOW.
8) Click on OK, and select ‘Yes’ if prompted about changing security options.


Now you’ll be asked to log in. Enter this information:

User name= tailwaggers
Password= 0000 (4 zeros)

Install Plug-in

Only the first time you try to view your pet through the above link, you’ll be asked to install a plug-in. Follow these steps:
1) Click on the link that is provided and it will prompt you to download the plug-in.
2) Depending on the browser you are using, you may be prompted to run or save the file. Select “save.” Some browsers will automatically save the downloaded file.
3) After downloading and saving the file, you must CLOSE ALL THE BROWSER WINDOWS RUNNING ON YOUR COMPUTER, or else IT WILL NOT INSTALL PLUG-IN.
4) Next, find the file in the location you saved it and double-click it to run the installation of the plug-in. Follow directions.

Begin Session

Now you’re ready to begin.
1) Re-launch your browser, return to this page and click on the link above.
2) Once you log in again, the MAIN INTERFACE screen will load.
3) Click the ‘start live view’ button located at the bottom of the screen.
4) Select the camera view for your pet.

Set-up App for
Apple Devices


You can also install an app on your mobile devices to directly view your pet without going through this website.

To install the app on your Apple device, go to apple app store.

Search for “swann view plus” and download/install the free app.

Once the app has finished downloading, skip the tutorial. The screen should say “live view” at the top. Click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper LEFT hand corner.

Click the 3rd button (looks like a DVR box & folders behind it). Now, the screen should say “devices” at the top.

Next, click the plus (+) button in the upper RIGHT hand corner.

Put in this information:
Alias: Tailwaggers
Register mode: IP/Domain
Port: 8000
Username: Tailwaggers
Password: 0000 (4 zeros)

Now, click the “disk” button in the upper RIGHT hand corner and save.
*you may have to disconnect your phone’s wifi in order to save the information you just input.

Once the information is saved, click the button “start live view” and then select the appropriate camera to view your pet.

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