Socializing your Dog Essential to Happiness

Properly socializing your dog from an early age is among the most important aspects of being a dog owner. Socialization is essential to your dog’s happiness and is sure to positively affect his health and longevity.

Dogs, like humans, are social by nature. The earlier and more frequently you socialize your dog, the happier his life will be. When your dog is extremely hyper every time he is confronted with a new experience or individual- be it a human or fellow canine friend- it is actually rarely a reflection of happiness. Rather, it is an indication of his discomfort from stress.

There are many options for socializing your pet. Initially, you will want to enroll your puppy in an obedience class. This will be an initial period of interaction with fellow animals under the watchful eye of a trainer. This will ideally instill in your animal the proper queues and means of interaction a well behaved dog should employ. Once your dog has completed a few obedience classes, maintaining their interaction with animals and people is essential.

Many methods for encouraging socialization include frequent visits to dog parks and boarding options with institutions offering group socialization. Maintaining this socialization is important for not only your dog’s happiness, but for your own as well. Placing your pawed friend in social situations around other dogs is the strongest, most proven ways to maintain his social skills.

When you socialize your pet, he will demonstrate much more calming behavior whenever you invite your friends over or he greets a new dog friend at the park. This means he won’t be jumping on the new target of his affection, but confidently implementing what he has learned in his training. Properly socializing your animal means he is more comfortable, is more able to compose himself and subsequently much happier.

Encouraging social skills in your dog will make him much happier and more fulfilled as an individual. Meanwhile, you won’t have to deal with the stress of controlling a misfit dog, overexcited every time you take him for a walk or you have company in your home. A dog socialized to more seamlessly handle changing situations is a happier, more stress-free pet.