A Well Groomed Dog is a Happy Dog

       dog grooming Grooming your dog isn’t just important for making them look good and shed less; it also makes them more comfortable. Brushing and bathing are effective ways to properly groom your dog while at the same time checking for potential problems.


Brushing your dog prevents mats, which can cause pain and stress. Mats pull at the dog’s skin and are constantly uncomfortable, getting worse as time goes on if they aren’t brushed out. While brushing your dog, you can easily check for red, blotchy skin a symptom of contact dermatitis. You will also be able to see if there are ticks or fleas present, appearing as black specs falling off your pet.


Noticing a dull coat or inflamed ears on your dog could indicate hyperthyroidism. This deficiency can also lead to weight gain and decreased energy. Bacteria can also cause scratched skin underneath the coat, which could lead to a variety of infections affecting more than just your dog’s skin. If your dog has long, thick hair, it should be groomed daily. For dogs with shorter hair, once a week is a good goal for proper grooming.


Potential health hazards are also more transparent when bathing. Wet fur allows you to look at the skin better as well as when its’ clean. A common problem found is flakey or itchy skin. This is often caused by over-bathing and can lead to skin scratches, self-biting or even stress if the itching is intense and persistent.


When brushing and bathing your dog consistently, you are more apt to notice changes in your dog and detect problems earlier. While most problems can be treated, some could transform into life threatening conditions if not addressed. If you suspect any type of problem with grooming your pet, do not hesitate to take them to your veterinarian.